Heather M. Filer, D.C.

Dr. Filer has worked in the field of Chiropractic for over 28 years now. In her long career, she has treated everyone from professional athletes, dancers, musicians, performers, or the average patient that has a sedentary job in front of the computer all day.

She is one of the very few chiropractors that utilize a technique involving the treatment of trigger points as well as traditional manipulation, and has vast experience in treating sports medicine injuries and headaches.

Dr. Filer is also experienced not only in soft tissue techniques, but also in Diversified Chiropractic Manipulation, and various physiotherapy modalities to aid in quicker healing times for her patients. This can help with inflammation and continued muscle spasms and pain. These techniques allow the patient to get better faster and stay healthier longer.

She prides herself in offering quality patient care and satisfaction in the office. Long term happiness and wellness is her goal.

When Dr. Filer is not in the office, she enjoys traveling, skiing and spending time with her husband and 2 sons.