Meet Our Team

  • Heather M. Filer, D.C.

    Heather M. Filer, D.C.

    Dr. Filer is the area's Premiere Chiropractic Trigger Point Specialist. She has a B.S. in Human Biology from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and graduated from Texas Chiropractic College with a Doctorate in Chiropractic in 1994.

  • Ben Meyers, D.C.

    Ben Meyers, D.C.

    Dr. Ben implements a wide variety of techniques and therapies depending on the unique needs and preferences of his patients. He is skilled in the use of Diversified technique, Active Release Technique, trigger point therapy, Kinesio-athletic taping, and many others

  • Dave Simmons, D.C.

    Dave Simmons, D.C.

    Dr. Dave earned his doctor of chiropractic degree from Texas Chiropractic College in 2009. Dr. Simmons provides outstanding treatment and the most beneficial instructions for recovery and wellness.

Meet The Rest Of The Team

What our patients say

  • I had a really good experience with Dr. Meyers who works at this office. I came in when I had a sudden onset of terrible neck pain. Up until then I had never visited a chiropractor before. He is really personable and made the whole process stress free. After a few sessions my neck felt much better and he also did adjustments on my back which greatly reduced my chronic lower back pain.

    Susanna Z.,

  • I have been to several Chiropractors over the years because of a hereditary arthritic condition in my neck. They always helped me to a certain extent, however they always seemed to give other treatments and schedule me for ongoing sessions that I felt unnecessary. After consulting with Dr. Benjamin Meyers, he focused his attention directly on the problem and the surrounding muscle, because of the way I was holding my neck to alleviate the discomfort. Not to mention during conversation I let it slip that my knees were always in discomfort because of having the Meniscus repaired from sports injuries. Dr. Meyers asked if I had ever had my knees adjusted, after a lot of reluctance to let him do anything with my knee, I allowed him to and not only am I grateful for the way he made my neck feel, but my knee actually feels the best it has in a very long time. I not only highly recommend Dr Meyers, but I found my Chiropractor!

    Shawn B.,

  • I am new to the area and pregnant with my second child. I was in desperate need of a chiropractor this last trimester and did a quick google search. So thankful I found this place! I submitted an inquiry online as to whether they practiced during pregnancy and Dr. Meyers called back the first thing the next morning to schedule me for an appointment. Dr. Meyers is super knowledgeable and well trained. He even does a home visit after baby is born for an adjustment understanding that it is difficult to get out of the house those first few weeks! I will definitely recommend Filer Chiropractic to all of my friends.

    Sharon R.,

  • I am a middle aged female experiencing knee pain, I've been told I have arthritis and I'm working my way to a joint replacement. Looking to avoid this at all costs, I tried several treatments including cold laser, electric stimulus, etc, all with minimal improvement. I went to see Dr Meyers who did an overall assessment and made some adjustments, Oh My, what a difference. I saw him weekly a couple of times, now see him about every two weeks. I have regained the ability to walk down steps without doing the 'side step' and I walk without pain. The office is great, staff is wonderful and there is free street parking a half block away! Highly recommended

    Janice D.,

  • This was my first time ever seeing a chiropractor. I was in a bind to find someone who could help me understand why I was experiencing such extreme discomfort in my lower back. So I wasn't really sure what to expect. My experience with Dr. Filer and her staff was great from start to finish. Her receptionist was so sweet and helpful and Dr. Filer was beyond accommodating. Her attention to detail was so comforting. She took the time to get to know who I was which helped her understand what could have been wrong with me. I've had 4 separate appointments in the span of two weeks and can honestly say that my back feels so much better. I plan to continue monthly maintenance with Dr. Filer. Overall I choose Dr. Filer's practice because of its location to my home. But would definitely consider going back to her even if I had to travel out of my way. Whether you're looking for someone new or are in a bind I highly recommend visiting. You won't be sorry.

    Ryan H.,

  • I badly hurt my neck two years ago on a long bike trip from poor alignment on the bike over the course of 5 days. I had already been seen by one chiropractor, had under went PT and had standard medical treatment when I came to see Dr. Ben. I had immediate relief when I walked out, and over the course of several months complete healing. I no longer have neck pain at all. I like his demeanor which is knowledgeable, but very relaxed. I never, ever feel rushed. He listens carefully, asks clarifying questions and often offers additional suggestions as to exercises or stretches that I can be doing at home to help with any minor aches or pains.

    Jennifer T.,

  • If you are looking for a chiropractor, Dr. Ben is where it's at! I have been seeing him for a few months. Originally for some unexplained discomfort, but one week into seeing him I was in a nasty car accident. He was an imperative part of my recovery. He is easy to communicate with and is a great listener. Always checking in with me about how I felt about my recovery week to week. He's not just about the adjustment! He is trained in ART (active release technique) which is a technique that works out the scar tissue built up in your muscles and allows for the adjustment to really be effective. I am a student who moves around quite a lot but I can assure you I will never go to see a regular chiropractor who doesn't use this technique! It will change your life. And not that it makes or breaks a chiropractic experience, but he's a really funny guy with a lot of good stories to distract you from your pain :) Dr. Ben is the salt of the earth. Go see him, I promise you won't regret it.

    Mia R.,

  • Dr. Ben is a true professional. He assessed my situation; treated the areas that he could, and I got great results and when additional treatment by another professional was deemed necessary, he did not hesitate to refer me. Additionally, the Center is clean, patient friendly, they are on time with their scheduling: all important.

    Hillary S.,

  • I was referred to Dr. Meyers from a friend who proclaimed she didn't believe in chiropractic until she went to him. He's fantastic. I hadn't experienced Active Release Technique in concert with manual adjustments before going to Filer Chiropractic. It. Is. Amazing.

    Katherine Z.,

  • Dr. Ben Meyers saved me!! I recently went to Dr. Meyers because I was in so much pain with my neck that I resorted to sitting with a bag of frozen grapes to ease the pain. I knew that I was out of alignment but was hesitant to try a new doctor because my regular chiropractor was unavailable. Let's just say I am extremely happy that I did! Dr. Meyers is not your typical chiropractor. He practices muscle manipulation/release also which allows the muscles to relax so that then when you are adjusted, it is a more deep and lasting adjustment. I can honestly tell you that I was nervous trying a new chiropractor, but he is one of the best I have ever gone to! I felt completely safe the entire time & instantly felt relief! It has been two weeks and I have never felt better. I will be a long term patient and would never consider going back to a regular chiropractor that doesn’t do the muscle release! I have complete trust in Dr. Meyers and he is definitely very knowledgeable in his field. Oh, did I mention that he also squeezed me in same day, when I called!

    Gina L.,